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How do I activate/deactivate SMS alerts?

The procedure is summarized below:

1. To activate SMS alerts from us. You first need to follow us on twitter.
(to know how to follow us on twitter: click here)
For deactivation go to Step3.

2. You also need to have your mobile number registered with Twitter. (if already done skip to step 3)
For this log-in to your account and look for 'Settings':

Go to the 'Mobile' tab under 'Settings'
Register your mobile number by following on-screen instructions.

3. On your Twitter dashboard/home-page, on the right side look for 'Following' and click on it:

4. Now you will be able to see the list of people you follow. Look for 'ecdsce' and click on it:

5. On right side a pane will open:
Click on the 'tweets via mobile' button as depicted above to activate or deactivate to receive our tweets on your mobile phone via sms.

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