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What are the features of this blog?

Home Page:
The official blog of Electronics &  Communication Department, Dayanada Sagar College of Engineering, Bengaluru.
Catch the upcoming events, alerts and important news from the department on this blog. 
Also a platform for faculty to communicate with the students.

eClub Blog:
A blog for students to showcase their talents and share their views. Share your sketches, paintings, photographs, blogs, stories, poems, articles, videos and much more. Let your friends know of the side of you they never knew of.

Calendar of Events:
Get to know about the dates of upcoming events, holidays, dates for internals and just about anything about to happen in our department.

Placement Corner:
Latest information on the placement activity in our college, a calendar of placement drives- you are sure to be kept updated about the placements.

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A photo gallery of places, events and people concerning our department.

View and/or download the Lab Manuals, Lecture Notes and Question Banks.

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Help Desk:
We are at your service to help you make the best of this site.

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