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How does e-mail subscription work? and other FAQs

How does e-mail subscription work?
1. You subscribe to our content feeds using your valid email-id.
2. An e-mail will be sent to your e-mail id, every time we update our blog content.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. Who can see my registered e-mail id?
A. We can not. We use Feedburner for this service, a trusted and world-wide used service for content sharing.

Q. How often will I be e-mailed?
A. We check for updates once in 24 hours and then mail you in case there are any updates. The delivery time of the mail will be around 19:00 - 21:00 IST.

Q. I saw the blog, there was a new post but I did not receive an e-mail.
A. As told earlier the mail is sent once in 24 hours, if the update is made after the delivery duration you will get the mail in next 24 hours.
If the delivery failure persists then make sure you had registered properly and have activated the subscription by following the steps mentioned in the verification e-mail, sent after successful registeration.

Q. Will I be sent advertisements?
A. No. We do not. Neither does feedburner. We won't spam you either.

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